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Threat Watch: Spoofing Phishing Email Attacks

Threat Watch Alert: Spoofing


Havoc Shield has identified a recent security threat. Refer below for the latest vulnerabilities along with recommended action steps.

Security Threat: Our security scanning picked up a recent uptick in phishing email strategy that leverages a companies lack of email authentications called spoofing.

Recommended Action: Update your domain authentication records following the steps below to ensure you have correctly authenticated your domain.

Check if your domain has authentication vulnerabilities: 

What to do now:

Patches are released for operating systems, and patching your device ensures these vulnerabilities are fixed so that hackers cannot gain access.

What is email spoofing?

Spoofing is a type of phishing attack that leverages your company's lack of authentication inside of your domain. Without authentication, attackers are able to send emails that would seem to come from inside of the company. 

Spoofing example:

If DMARC records for Havoc Shield domain were not updated, then you could receive an email from a malicious attacker with the email hmoesta@havocshield.com. This malicious email may request that you update personal data, such as updating a company's card on file. However this email was not really sent from hmoesta@havocshield.com but instead sent form someone spoofing this email. Since the email looks to be legitimate, it can be challenging to catch these types of attacks.

This above example will not happen as Havocshield.com is correctly configured with DMARC records.

How can you fend off these attacks?

In order to combat these types of phishing attacks, verify that your company's DMARC records are updated. Refer to the directions linked here


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