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Locking in on Security with Havoc Shield: Episode #1

In this episode of Locking In on Security with Havoc Shield, we're joined by guest John Nordin, who has spent several decades in the cybersecurity hot seat as Chief Information Officer at leading brands that we all know and love. In this episode, we delve into the question "Does Cyber History Repeat Itself?" by digging into the following #cybersecurity topics:

  • Which longtime threats remain as potent as ever?
  • Which longtime threats have evolved?
  • What new threats are now emerging?

We talk about the new WFH era that has dramatically altered the cybersecurity landscape since the beginning of the COVID-19 era, and share a few laughs about days gone by, including "green bar reports", and newer threats including your refrigerator's IoT connection.

Join us for an enlightening chat about how the threat landscape evolved to its current state:

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