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Cybersecurity Awareness Training for Small Business

Cybersecurity awareness training for small business isn't at all what many business owners fear it will be.  We commonly encounter assumptions like these:

  1. That it needs to involve an outside consultant / guest speaker
  2. That it involves a lot of work to craft or iterate on a PowerPoint slide deck
  3. That it involves an hour, maybe more, of the whole company's time
  4. That it requires carefully choosing a date/time that most people can fit into their schedule, followed by working through secondary date options for the remainder of the company.

If you are starting from any of these assumptions, please read on.  Cybersecurity awareness training for small business does NOT need to come with ANY of these hassles.

Here's how it should work instead.

Modern, Online Training

There is a time and place for leveraging consultants to deliver custom in-person or Zoom-based sessions related to cybersecurity awareness training.  However, for most small businesses, that's just too high of a bar.  The expense and the overhead of orchestrating a training session of that nature is so unattractive that companies planning to take that approach often never get around to doing training at all.  And that's a terrible outcome.

Cybersecurity awareness training for small business should be online.  It should be modern.  It should feel a bit like watching a clever, engaging Youtube video.  It should not feel like the virtual version of sitting in a bland conference room hearing an expert deliver a lecture.


We believe that it is absolutely essential that cybersecurity awareness training for small business be delivered in an on-demand fashion.  Not in some carefully planned date/time chosen months in advance that gets rescheduled due to an executive conflict.  Not in a date/time where someone's vacation means that there needs to be a 2nd or 3rd alternative training date.  That's nonsense.

Cybersecurity training for small businesses needs to be on-demand.  Any other way adds friction that is totally unnecessary.

Tuned for Efficiency

Just like any meeting, most in-person cybersecurity awareness trainings -- the type given by an outside consultant -- have plenty of fluff on both ends of the meeting, and at some parts in the middle.  Small business owners and teams are simply too busy for that.

Modern, online, on-demand training cuts through all of that fluff.  One of the favorite cybersecurity awareness training for small business modules that we offer at Havoc Shield takes 20 minutes.  And you can watch it on your phone if you like.  While you grab a coffee if you like.  Between the meeting that finished early and the next appointment, if you like.

That's the way it should be.

Wrap-Up: Cybersecurity Awareness Training for Small Business

If you've come to this article because you are tasked with arranging cybersecurity awareness training for your company, we should definitely talk.  We can have you up-and-running as soon as today with the type of training that we've described in this article -- and it's no hassle at all... for you, for us, and for your team.

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