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Threat Watch: Phishing on the Rise with the Help of AI

Havoc Shield has identified a recent security threat. Refer below for the latest vulnerabilities along with recommended action steps.

Security Threat

Security Threat: In ThreatLabz 2024 phishing report, researchers found that phishing attacks have risen 58%. With the increase of AI, attacks like voice phishing and deep fake phishing are becoming much more prevalent.

Recommended Actions

Let your employees know about this increase in activity. Run through some examples of what to be on the lookout for and make sure your folks know how to report suspicious emails, calls, and text messages.

Consider adding a more full cybersecurity awareness training program so that these behaviors are consistently reinforced throughout the year.


Additional Details
  • The US was the most targeted country with 1.13 billion phishing emails being sent to targets.

  • Voice phishing (vishing) has been a new common trend by using AI to deepfake employees' voices. These are used more commonly in social engineering attacks.

  • The financial and insurance industry faced ~28% of phishing attacks making them the highest concentrated industry. 

  • Microsoft remains to be the most impersonated company imitated in these attacks.

Learn more about these escalating AI-backed phishing trends here.

How can Havoc Shield help you fend off these attacks?


Cybersecurity Awareness Training

Havoc Shield makes it easy to keep your employees up-to-date on the latest threats with our short, engaging video series deployed monthly. Specifically worried about this rise in Phishing? We can prioritize these modules first:

  • Advanced Phishing Strategies
  • Test Message Phishing

These modules will educate your employees on how to correctly identify phishing attempts and thwart off their attacks.

Mail Armor Email Security

A majority of phishing threats come through email and generative AI is making them harder to detect. Havoc Shield's Mail Armor suspicious email review tool helps centralize phishing threats and responds to the employee letting them know if the email is safe or not. 

Schedule a call with us to learn more!



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